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Divorce is not easy and there are so many things to take into consideration when it comes to real estate. There can be a Court Order to sell the property, neither spouse wants to stay, or if neither spouse can afford to buy out the other. You can put the property on the market and try to get the best possible price for it.  

Keep in mind that before the sales proceeds can be divided, you will have to pay off the mortgage, any equity line or second mortgage, and the brokers’ fees. You will also have to pay any capital gains tax that might apply. These expenses are one disadvantage of selling, especially if market conditions are not’t good for sellers. There are advantages as well both spouses get money to start over, and it may help you make a clean break.

Once you’ve decided to sell, you’ll be faced with a lengthy and detailed process that involves a number of steps. Each of these steps will take hard work during emotional circumstances, and turmoil that comes with divorce doesn't’t make it any easier.

I am a real estate professional and a very good mediator. Accommodating to your needs like getting the property ready to show. Getting offers to you quickly and explaining and help you with escrow. If you’re going through a divorce my condolences.

Need help during this difficult time call me, I am here to help you 760-845-1262.

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